5 Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Childcare Match

With childcare prices skyrocketing this year and a record number of daycares closing since the pandemic, it is near impossible to find the right childcare option for your child. Even if you get a coveted spot at a daycare, those schools typically have strict schedules - and nannies (if you can find one) are costly and hard to find. With Otter, you can find a stay-at-home parent in your neighborhood to care for your children - and customize the care to fit your needs. Here are five signs you’ve found your perfect childcare match for your child:

Your Schedules Align

If you only need help on afternoons or even just weekends, you can find a Caregiver who can accommodate your schedule needs. With Otter, your care hours can be as flexible as you are.

You All Feel Like Family Together

It doesn’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells around each other and you can address problems as they arise frankly and with kindness. Your Caregiver cares for your children as if they were their own, which is all a parent can ask for. 

The Location Works for You

Do you prefer to drop off kids outside of your house so you can work from home? Or would you rather keep the kids at home and have the Caregiver come to you? Whatever your preferences, Otter can find the right match for you.

It Fits Your Budget

Otter allows parents exchanging care to set the rate together, upfront.   This means you’ll never have to worry about unexpected price surges or last minute payment changes. All payments are processed securely through the Otter app using Stripe, providing a reliable and efficient way to complete transactions.

You can leave your worries at the door

The perfect childcare match will alleviate most of your concerns about care. At Otter, we background check all users and provide identity verification tools to ensure you’re trusting your kids with the right Caregiver. If you ever need help, you can contact our Trust and Safety team who can address any concerns that come up. 

If you’re looking for childcare that feels like family, please sign up here! And if you live somewhere Otter isn’t active yet, you’ll be able to, sign up on our waitlist and we will let you know once Otter is in your city!

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