Stay at Home Mom Skills to Add to a Resume

We’re excited to continue our journey into highlighting some of the unique skills stay-at-home moms have! We hope this series will encourage many of you stay-at-home-parents who may be looking to re-enter the workforce to consider how the work you’ve been doing is valuable to employers! If you haven’t already, be sure to read the first part of our series, Transferable Skills for Stay At Home Moms!

Today’s post is related to another invaluable skill moms have: time management.

Time is everything for a mom.

If a person without kids has a doctor’s appointment, they can wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and leave. When a mom has a doctor’s appointment, you’re required to:

- Get up (early!)
- Make breakfast for the kids (and you!)
- Get the kids (and yourself) dressed
- Get everyone’s teeth brushed (usually in the midst of pure chaos)
- Make sure everyone has matching shoes (if you know, you know)
- Pack snacks and/or lunch and drinks for all - don’t forget the cooler!
- Get the kids to the caregiver’s location (on time!)
- Rush to the doctor’s office (hopefully also on time!)

Without proper time management, the household would implode (at least, that’s how it feels to us moms most of the time). Extra time and preparation are required for every appointment, every field trip, and every outing. Many times the kids have conflicting appointments, but we always seem to make it work, don’t we? Anyone who has been a mom for any length of time is excellent at managing time, even if they’re unaware of it!

In the workplace, effective time management skills require employees to examine their workload, assign priorities, and stay focused on the most important tasks at hand. People who are good at time management can ignore or eliminate distractions and ask for support from others to help achieve their goals. For a mom, every day requires us to do all of the above!

So when you’re updating your resume, be sure to add a Skills section and proudly add time management. You’ve earned it!

Stay tuned for a new skill soon!

* * *

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