Childcare you can trust

Safety is our top priority.

How we keep your child safe

From background checks to sophisticated identity verification technology and a dedicated Safety and Support team, Otter makes your family’s safety our top priority.

Universal screening

Every Otter user has passed a comprehensive background check that includes county, state, and national records, as well as child abuse and sex offender registries.
Any caregiver providing transportation must also pass a Motor Vehicle Record screening confirming a valid driver’s license and safe driving record.

Payment Protection

Our secure payment platform protects your financial transactions, and our cancellation and late arrivals policies ensure you get paid for care, even when unexpected changes occur.

Identity Verification Technology

We use advanced identity verification technology to ensure that children are only handed off to authorized individuals

Healthy Care Standards

Otter promotes the health of parents and children with robust policies regarding cleanliness, illness, and contagious disease. We stay up to date on the latest guidance from health authorities regarding COVID-19 and other public health concerns to help you make the best decisions for your family’s health.

Dedicated Safety and Support Team

Our safety and support team is made up of safety experts who have deep knowledge of and empathy for children and families’ needs. The team investigates and responds to users’ concerns to ensure that all behavior is in line with Otter’s Community Guidelines

Community Standards, Code of Conduct

Otter’s Parent Handbook outlines requirements that all users must abide by in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for our diverse community. This includes everything from Home Safety Standards to Otter’s Nondiscrimination policy.

Putting trust and safety first

Otter was founded during the COVID pandemic and facilitated 3,500 matches within six months. At a time when the world was rapidly changing, Otter's founder and CEO decided to pause operations for almost a year to build trust and safety infrastructure that met our standards.

“I would leave my kids with Otter in a heartbeat.”