We're creating
a world of care
and opportunity

We connect parents who need childcare with stay at home parents who can care for their kids.


What we're doing matters

If we succeed in closing the childcare gap, every child will have access to safe, high-quality childcare and every stay at home parent will be economically empowered in a way never before possible.

The childcare gap


of American families can't afford childcare


of families live in a childcare desert, where there are 3 kids for every seat


women left the workforce during the pandemic

Stay-at-home parents

parents are stay-at-home parents who don't work outside the home


of stay-at-home parents and their families live in poverty


childcare seats have been lost since March 2020

What guides us

Our values

Care first

Empathy for our community and our team makes us better.

Always build trust

Trust is built over time, but it can be lost in an instant.

Make life easier

We make magic when we simplify our users’ lives.

Care work is real work

Respect caregivers and recognize that their work is the foundation for all we do.

Be community obsessed

We're building for the needs of our community. We succeed when they succeed.  

Create inflection points

Step change is how we drive impact.

How we work

What guides us

Our values

Care first
Always build trust
Be rigorous

Our operating principles

Do the right thing, even when it's hard
Win some, learn some
Build for diversity
How we work

Our operating principles

Do the right thing, especially when it’s hard

The right thing to do is always the right thing to do - and sometimes it's also hard.

Ask good questions

Our best questions help us learn better and our worst questions help us ask better questions next time.

Be vulnerable

We ask our users to be vulnerable with each other so that they can build trust. We owe it to them and to ourselves to create a space where vulnerability is encouraged and leads to trust and courage.

Think, write, share

We'll do our best work when we can learn from one another.

How we take care of our team


In addition to competitive salaries and equity ownership in the company, we offer:


We offer free medical, vision, and dental benefits for you and your dependents.*

*Actually, it has to cost $1/month for employees for regulatory reasons.

401(k) plan

We offer a 401(k) plan so you can plan for your future, starting now.

7 years to exercise your options

We offer a 7-year exercise window to exercise options for people who stay with Otter for two years or more.

Flexible time off

We offer unlimited PTO so you can recharge as you need and take time for the things you love - and we'll insist you take the time.

Parental leave

We offer paid parental leave and flexibile schedules as you come back to work so you can spend time with your growing family.

Dependent care FSA

You can set aside up to $6,000/yr pre-tax to put towards care for any of your dependents.

How we build internal equity

Our compensation philosophy

We articulated our compensation philosophy when we were still a team of two. It was our way of taking care of our team before they walked in the (metaphorical) door.


Otter’s compensation strategy fits together as a whole, with each individual piece making sense in light of the overall strategy.


Like individuals should be treated alike. There should be no differentiation based on irrelevant factors, like a better understanding of equity compensation.


Otter’s compensation strategy should be clear and easily understood by team members.

Join the team!

Current Positions

To build childcare that feels like family for families everywhere, we need a team with all kinds of different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.
Here are some of our open roles:

People we work with

People who think we'd be lucky to have you

The origin story

Helen Mayer founded Otter to help every family find their village.

Helen was raised by a stay-at-home mom and started Otter in 2020 while she was a stay-at-home parent to her toddler twins.

“I feel so lucky to get to tackle a problem I'm passionate about with people I admire.”